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LP - ONO - Diegesis (turquoise vinyl)

LP - ONO - Diegesis (turquoise vinyl)

By: Moniker


Product Description

New LP - ONO - Diegesis (turquoise vinyl) - EDITION OF 300 - Chicago's legendary ONO triumphantly return with a new album entitled "Diegesis" out via Moniker Records. This is their fourth lp overall (second of their current and fertile reincarnation) and dare we say best and most experimental yet? So hold on to yer hats, get out yer wallets and read the glowing words from Moniker HQ below -

"Rarer than a phoenix is the band whose ‘comeback’ is more vital than its original incarnation. But ONO’s second coming has lasted longer and turned far more heads than their early-80s configuration ever did, and this harrowing LP shows a band at the height of its visionary powers. Their legendary ‘gospel-noise’ has never sounded so furiously focused, from the loping, industrial thwonk of Travis Wax Madonna to the corroded funk of Spare, reminiscent of Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad productions. P. Michael’s warped beats remain the adhesive, binding the band’s maximalist, gestural noisemaking—guttural bass, swooping guitar feedback, delirious chanting—while travis, more high-priest than frontman, dons his ritual white gown and presides over the sonic feast.

But as always with ONO, the music is scarcely half the story. ONOMATOPOEIA BEFORE MUSIC was the band’s founding principle, and this conflation of language and noise has always been deeply, if not explicitly, political; Diegesis is their most aggressive, most militant document yet, digging unflinchingly at the unhealed wounds of the Body politic. BLACKPOWER.MOVE is a growling, onomatopoetic invocation of the MOVE bombing of 1985—one of the darkest and most shameful chapters in recent American history, in which the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on its own people, killing eleven men, women and children and allowing the resulting fires to destroy hundreds of homes. Language fails in the face of such insane tragedy; hence the screams, the sirens, the echoes of barking dogs and machine-gun fire, a dystopic soundscape held together by P. Michael’s squawking, insistent bass riff. More punishing still is the nightmarish CQCQCQ, part of travis’ ongoing, “savagely personal” explorations (as DJPTSD) of the profound traumas he experienced as a radio operator aboard the USS America in the late 60s. The final cut, a swelling, funereal rendition of Jimi Hendrix’ Burning of the Midnight Lamp, seems to offer a glimmer of redemption, but the album’s dark clouds never quite lift; an unsettling crackle remains in the air. Unquestionably a Major Statement from these untiring Chicago giants, Diegesis is a defining record that demands and rewards in equal proportion." - Moniker Records

On "Diegesis" the noise-gospel-punk-industrial whirlwind that is ONO gets concentrated into an even more potent elixir this time around; sure to break yer mind free from its trance-like state of everyday numbness. Here the basslines are funkier, the samples more warped, the waves of guitar distortion even fiercer, the melodies more addicting and off kilter, all the while travis leading us through a gospel chanted transformation that will for sure open yer ears to the wider possibilities of music as a political, tonal and spiritual force. ONO's dislocated place in the Chicago punk scene always lead them to interesting places, but on "Diegesis" they march further into the unknown, taking hostage the ideas of "Love Supreme" and "There's A Riot Goin' On" through "Trout Mask Replica" and "Metal Box" and pushing those sounds to their extremes, leaving in their wake the burnt up ideas you used to have about punk and post punk. Just imagine if Throbbing Gristle, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, This Heat, Suicide and Pere Ubu all crossed paths in the middle of the night, exchanged instruments, band members and theories about feedback. Seriously hypnotic, unclassifiable and mind bending, you just need to hear ONO for yerself. AND RIGHT NOW! The time is now for Chicago to share ONO with the world, and this is just the album that's gonna get the world hooked on their gospel noise. SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!!!